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Detektif Jaga Jarak (2023)

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Almond Surendra is a marriage consultant who always tries to maintain his client’s household. Almond wants to propose and marry his childhood friend, Arum. However, the Covid-19 pandemic forced Almond to try harder to earn a living, because the marriage consulting business he built and had an office in a shop went bankrupt. One day, Almond meets Fate with Bro, his beloved pug. Takdir is a street busker who is also a paid spy to investigate the affairs of several couples. Seeing Fate’s unusual work, Almond doesn’t want to get involved at first. However, when he saw the results, Almond joined in as a detective like Destiny. In fact, armed with his experience as a marriage consultant, Almond is more able to assess and provide ways to prove the infidelity of some of his clients.

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Genre: Comedy
Language:Bahasa indonesia